Unframed Intimacies oronto International Film Festival

Unframed – The Intimacies

Directed by:

Martin Charriere




5 minutes 32 seconds

In this moving and whimsical black and white illustrated animation, we hear from the spurned mistress of Swiss painter and avant-garde engraver Felix Valloton who writes to him a letter about love, marriage and consequences.

“Swiss classic art has a hard time getting known by a large public and especially young people. In our digital era though, images are everywhere, and some of these classic works offer fascinating images. We can’t go to the museum everyday and, when we do go there, we sometimes lack contextual knowledge and other meaningful information to fully appreciate it. With “Unframed”, we want to highlight them, to pass on their stories and emotions.”

Second of a series The Intimacies, invites the spectator at the very heart of Misia Sert’s love life, the muse of Félix Vallotton, a Swiss artist living in Paris at the end the XIXth century.

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Unframed Intimacies at FIVARS 2018Unframed Intimacies

Unframed Intimacies oronto International Film Festival