Once Upon a Story: The Boy's Triple Dream

Once Upon My Story: The Triple Dreams of the Little Boy

Director: Francis Gélinas
Country: Canada
Runtime: 4m 24s

Once Upon My Story: The Triple Dreams of the Little Boy is the VR stereoscopic adaptation of an episode of “Once upon… My Story” produced by Maki Media Productions for Unis.tv (TV5) and TFO in Canada. The film is one of the episodes of the series that hint at surprises to be discovered like “Easter eggs” on a springtime fun-filled hunt.

A boy wakes up in his room. Surprised, he sees that his bed is surrounded by water. To add to the surprise, the door to his parent’s bedroom leads to a surreal and endless desert. As the story unfolds, we discover with the protagonist that we are in a dream. Not just a dream … we are in a dream within a dream! As we move from one surreal world to another, we discover them from the child’s point of view.

More than the story itself, it is the child’s own words that lends the movie its authenticity. Samuel Groulx’s improvised story directly challenges the distinction between reality and imagination. What is real? What is dream?