The Passengers

The Passengers

Directed by:

Ziad Touma




39m 0s

The Passengers is the story of four passengers who do not know each other, traveling together in a train square. They share one point in common: they are all facing a pivotal moment in their lives. Their real journey is internal and it is you who will embark on it, taking their place and helping them make a crucial decision. Discover the inner world of each of them: a woman questions her motherhood, a man must overcome his shyness, a lady is struggling with her memories and a kid feels guilty about his parents’ separation. Enter the thoughts of one character at a time, to hear their inner voice, to see their memories and live their emotions. The viewer can change the course of the story by their dynamic gaze, and is also invited to speak out loud or make gestures to help the passenger on
their quest, therefore also changing the outcome of each film.

The Passengers