Castle of Unknowing

Castle of Unknowing

Director: Damian Thorn-Hauswirth
Country: United States
Runtime: 05:55


Castle of Unknowing is an immersive, experiential narrative imbued with symbolism. The viewer moves through a fixed sequence as they are taken on a journey which mixes elements of sci-fi, fairy tale, and surrealism. Compelling visuals and sound evoke an emotional response within the viewer. The immersive aspect of VR allows for the reification of surreal visuals which metaphorically convey an inward journey, creating a sense of mystery and inquiry. Become a participant in a surrealist allegory exploring themes of suffering and transformation.

Director Bio:

Damian Thorn-HauswirthDamian Thorn Hauswirth is a Digital Artist and Senior Multimedia Designer from Orlando, Florida. He created “Castle of Unknowing” while pursuing his Master of Fine Arts in visual effects and animation at the University of Central Florida.