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Hominidae still - FIVARS 2020


This experience follows an Arachnid Hominid, an intelligent creature with human and spider physiology, as she struggles to raise her young in a hostile environment.

Mutatis Poster


Mutatis by French artist Mali Arun explores a diffuse frontier between scientific and mythological pictures of organic and human landscapes.

Simulated_Fashion 2020 Poster

Simulated Fashion

In this film, fashion meets new technologies, arts, and filmmaking to celebrate voices from the Middle East using time in…

care(less) 2

Care(less) 2 addresses the phenomenon of hallucination and embodied viewing in relation to current social and economic constructs regarding attitudes to the elderly and social care in Britain.

Along the River of Spacetime

Along the River of Spacetime is a Virtual Reality game meets 360 film about activating Anishinaabe star knowledge to enhance river ecosystems in the Great Lakes.

Walking Past Abandoned Houses, I Think of Eric

Walking Past Abandoned Houses, I Think of Eric

Portsmouth, Ohio (USA) poet Barbara Costas-Biggs reads her poem “Walking Past Abandoned Houses, I Think of Eric” about losing her friend to an opioid overdose, within a visually compelling immersive 360ยบ video and ambisonic audio montage.

Where Thoughts Go at toronto International Film Festival

Where Thoughts Go

Where Thoughts Go is an intimate, interactive Virtual Reality narrative and magical world full of non-fictional, user generated stories. A…