VJ-Suave-Floresta-Encantada-Interactive-Virtual-Reality_FIVARS 2017

Floresta Encantada

Floresta Encantada is an interactive Virtual Reality journey through an enchanted forest filled with magical characters that leads you to a shamanic experience.

Title: Floresta Encantada
Director: Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga aka VJ Suave
Producer: VJ Suave
Country: Brazil | RT: 10m
Production Company:

Director’s statement: “In this immersive, interactive experience we invite you to see the invisible entering in the magic forest territory through the eyes of Virtual Reality. Combining the latest generation technologies with the knowledge of indigenous people, VJ Suave lead us into a world which will respond to our gestures and movements.

The interactive installation proposed by the duo doesn’t present obstacles to overcome, but there is a course through which relationships can be established with the characters and objects. It is necessary to be in harmony with the sound of the environment, with the music from the instruments, with the flora diversity and also to realize the beauty of the animals. It demands attention, sensibility and immersion from the participants.

Taking the way we see things to a whole new level, it presupposes another kind of perspective: the one which sees, from the invisible, having the mind in symbiosis with all the organs of the body.”

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VJ-Suave-Floresta-Encantada-Interactive-Virtual-Reality_FIVARS 2017VJ-Suave-Floresta-Encantada-Interactive-Virtual-Reality_5

VJ-Suave-Floresta-Encantada-Interactive-Virtual-Reality_FIVARS 2017