VR Experience UTURN poster


What happens when a young female coder joins a male-dominated floundering startup that’s deep in an identity crisis?

Title: UTURN
Director: Nathalie Mathe, Ryan Lynch
Producer: Nathalie Mathe
Country: France | RT: 10m
Production Company: NativeVR

UTURN is an immersive live-action VR comedy where viewers get to experience both sides of the gender divide in tech. Viewers are placed in the middle of two intertwined stories, one told from a female POV, and the other one from a male POV. Viewers can choose which side of the story to follow at any time, and will only hear the scene they look at through a unique spatial sound design. Whatever they miss changes their perspective on the overall story.

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VR Experience UTURN poster

VR Experience UTURN poster