Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

FIVARS 2023: Spotlight on Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

Wenchi SuBlack Hole Museum + Body Browser is a VR project on how to imagine and perceive the abstract gravity in astronomy with dance, sound, and light. FIVARS spoke with Director WenChi Su

What led to the creation of this piece?

Inspired by my art residency in Arts@CERN in 2016 (CERN_European Organization for Nuclear Research), in the largest scientific laboratory of Quantum Physics and the birthplace of WWW. I met Spanish physicist Diego Blas and exchanged the altered meaning of gravity in dance and astronomy. Since then, my work has focused on creating something beautiful between science, technology, and dance.

What was the production process for you and your team? What did you learn?

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser is the first VR film from my team and me. As we usually work in a theatre or gallery, we are working with our fantasies, trying to reconstruct a suitable universe for us to live in. We, as several sapiens, are constantly balancing ourselves in between realities.

Diving into VR spacetime is an exciting journey; this experience urges us to reflect on the question of the edge, the edge of our consciousness, the edge of the consequence of our actions, and the edge of our flesh. Are we entering another era where we communicate with our consciousnesses more than the presence? And where exactly are we now?

How did you become an immersive media content creator and why?

Pandemics push this result, as the team spends lots of time working online and alone. That global crisis offers us a chance to meditate in the VR spacetime. A planet that you are solemnly in solitude. When you wear the headset, you are the center of the space at the same time, you disappear from the position of the center, and you are a blackhole as well.

What is the VR/AR industry like in your region?

Vibrant, I would say. But more creators still need to be added; rather, the awareness and market built around VR/AR are under the spotlight of the trend.

What do you have planned for the future?

Science, technology, and dance are the focus of my work. I am sketching two different VR works at the moment, as well as a new dance performance in the XR form.

I hope more audiences will see Black Hole Museum + Body Browser in the future.

What would you like to share with fellow content creators and/or the industry?

I want to share my first VR film, an experience meditating in solitude and wonder at the beauty of time and space.

Do you think VR festivals like FIVARS are important?

Of course, this is a great opportunity for VR creators to see works from all over the world and be seen.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you ALL for coordinating this Event!

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser