Flowing with Fire

Flowing With Fire

Directed by:

Michael Gabriele, Morgan Jenkins


United States




Flowing With Fire is a stereoscopic 360° experience where the viewer is surrounded by flames as flow artists perform a hypnotic dance. Flow arts is a unique art form based on combining object manipulation with movement such as dance or martial arts. More than a performance video, the viewer gets an insider’s perspective on each artist’s personal story revealing that fire has helped with individual growth, dealing with grief, overcoming fear and gaining confidence.

Director Bio:

Michael GabrieleMichael Gabriele creates the type of heartfelt projects that will move you to tears in under two minutes. Born in Montreal, Canada, the Los Angeles based creative has directed spots for brands like Verizon, Kellogg’s, McDonalds, Jim Beam and Honda to name a few. Gabriele commands a striking visual style and creative voice that integrates video-based storytelling with a focus on humanity to express genuine emotions and sincere narratives.
In addition to his ad work, Gabriele has directed short films, music videos, a web-series, and 360 content for VR headsets. He has won multiple awards including two Midwest Emmy’s. His goal is to make meaningful connections with people through his films with stories that will make an emotional impact on the viewer.

Flowing with Fire