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Directed by:

Marek Slipek






Ion describes a virtual information space with geometric clarity and spatially immersive expanse. Information units group themselves into cuboids. The cuboids themselves give the space its dimension and are the reason for its existence. They rearrange themselves rhythmically again and again. Each time differently. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes gently floating away – then again demanding presence. The data space is permanently scanned. Ion visually and acoustically describes the processing procedure of a digital machine condensed into rhythmic patterns.

ion from Marek Slipek on Vimeo.

Director Bio:

Marek SlipekMarek Slipek is a German designer and digital artist with Polish roots based in Ludwigshafen. He works multidisciplinary, from creative coding, fulldomefilms to art installations and electronic music performances. His overarching themes are light and rhythm. Marek Slipek explores structural patterns, hierarchies and their generative calculation in space and time. With his expertise in typography and design, he pursues a precise visual and acoustic approach, mostly detailed minimalistic, at the same time contrasty and colourful. His newest fulldomefilms and art installations has been shown at Luminale Frankfurt, FDF Jena, B-Seite Mannheim, Plaisirs d’hiver Brussels, Lab30 Augsburg, Fivars Los Angelos, Macon United States, Motusdome Taiwan, Gate22 Toulouse and Porto/Post/Doc Portugal. His work has been awarded renowned design prizes such as the Type Directors Club New York, the Red Dot Award or Corporate Design Prize. Most recently he received the Janus Award for Best Art and Experiment Fulldome Film.

Ion Poster