Directed by:

Ryan Griffen






Lustration is a 4 part multi-strand animated series following a group of characters whose stories are mysteriously intertwined both in the real world and the afterlife. As these characters’ stories unfold and intersect, we discover the lengths that some will go to in the name of love while uncovering a conspiracy so vast it has affected every facet of our existence . . . and the next.

Director Bio:

Ryan GriffenRyan Griffen is a showrunner best known for his series “Cleverman” with credits in writing, producing and directing. Ryan has participated in the online component of the digital Emmy-winning “Scorched.” He was a recipient of the AFC (Screen Australia) Producers Initiative Program.

In 2015 Ryan wrote and directed his first short film “You Turn” that had its premiere at the Sydney Film Festival and received a special mention for his Screenwriting and Directing. The film was later screened in the festival’s traveling festival all over Australia.

Ryan worked with Goalpost Pictures on his twelve-part, high concept genre series called “Cleverman” which had its debut at the Berlin Film Festival and later screened at Series Mania in Paris. The show aired on ABC in Australia, Sundance TV, Netflix US, and BBC3 in the UK. Ryan produced the first season and wrote and produced series two. He worked in a showrunners capacity by maintaining his vision across all departments but also by consulting with Traditional Aboriginal Elders around the cultural elements in the show.

“Cleverman” was Ryan’s first venture into TV and the show has already won awards nationally, one being for best series at the SPAA awards, and thanks to WETA (Lord of the Rings), Cleverman won best hair and makeup at the ACTAA awards. Ryan is currently writing two high concept TV genre shows and turning his comic book Lustration into a virtual reality experience.