Pantheon of Queer Mythology

The Pantheon of Queer Mythology

Directed by:

Enrique Agudo





(Passive Experience – 360 Theater)

The Pantheon of Queer Mythology is a window into the worlds of a collective of Queer Deities that propose a way to question, empathize, celebrate, repent, resist, consume, abstract, identify, regenerate, and love.

Director Biography – Enrique Agudo
Enqrique Agudo Headshot - Pantheon of Queer Mythology Enrique Agudo’s (b. Madrid, 1989) work explores the limits of digital media. Contemporary culture is infused with digital imagery, and Agudo’s work focuses on the pattern recognition of these digital indexes and shedding light on how they affect the way we behave. This feedback loop is never ending and constantly evolving, we see the world through digital interfaces and by extension, that is how we unavoidably understand ourselves. With an academic background in architecture, Agudo quickly evolved from current urban discourse to speculative worldbuilding, moving from architectural projects to research-driven fictional narratives. His work therefore looks through an architectural lens at future anthropological issues, reflected through new media, concept art, animation, AR or VR.

Pantheon of Queer Mythology