Screensavers VR

Before the internet took over, before memes multiplied, there were windows of computer fantasy all over the world… courtesy of THE SCREENSAVER. What began as a utilitarian application became less of a tool to keep static pixels from burning the screens of CRT’s and more a canvas for us to project our imaginations. Stop staring at your screen—dive in and save virtual reality!

Title: Screensavers VR
Director: FLOAT LAND
Format: Virtual Reality, Vive
Genre/Niche: Interactive
Country: USA
Running Time: 8m

Screensavers VR is a nostalgic playground where viewers can explore new, infinite realms of the classic screensaver. What was once a two-dimensional barrier is now an explorable, redefined landscape. Viewers will not only be able to witness fully spatialized versions of their favorite, classic screensavers, but they will also be able to reach expanses of the CRT previously unimaginable. A part-parody, part-tribute to the emerging pop-tech aesthetic of the 90’s, Screensavers VR is a deep dive into surprising layers of interactivity.

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