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Dominic Monaghan takes 360-degree viewers beyond the bounds of earth to explain the breakdown of the atmospheres that surround the globe.

Title: A Curious Mind
Director: David Brady
Format: Virtual Reality, HTC Vive
Genre/Niche: Education, Volumetric Capture
Country: Canada
Running Time: 7m20s

In the show, Dominic is the viewer’s guide as both explore mind-bending scientific concepts and the “big ideas” of the universe. In A Curious Mind, Dominic and the viewer make the journey together; manipulating time and space, pulling apart atoms and exploring/experiencing science as never before.

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Two strangers show up at a family’s cottage claiming to have spent their childhood summers there, but their behaviour seems to be driven by something more sinister than nostalgia.

Title: Deerbrook (Canadian Premiere)
Director: Grayson Moore
Format: 360 Stereoscopic Video
Genre/Niche: Drama, Thriller
Country: Canada
Running Time: 14m56s

It’s an average day at the cottage; Allison is getting ready to paint the kitchen while her husband Karl is tending to the grass outside. However when two mysterious people arrive, claiming to have lived in their cottage some years ago, the situation becomes uneasy.

Allison adheres to neighbourly etiquette and lets them look around for nostalgia’s sake, and soon after she finds herself in a precarious situation as the visitors’ requests become more demanding. Allison begins to question whether they are driven by something more sinister than nostalgia.

Mel’s Wake is a captivating, character-driven VR experience of self-discovery. In this interactive, 15-minute, cinematic VR users will experience multi-branched storytelling and seamless interactive control.

Title: Mel’s Wake
Director: Luisa Valencia
Format: Interactive VR, Oculus Rift
Genre/Niche: Magic Realism, Fantasy
Country: Canada
Running Time: 15m

As the main protagonist, you (the user) embody the spirit of Mel, a recently deceased event planner. You explore your former existence by secretly observing the people from your life, eavesdropping on their conversations about you. Slowly you discover that you can hear their internal monologues as well, each revealing even more profound truths.

Signal Space Lab have developed a 360 film production technique called Seamless Cinematographic Interactivity which allows for live action 360 film to branch between storylines with smooth transitions, solving problems of continuity that are present in other live action interactive narratives. This technology utilizes the 360 space to overlap and swap footage in/out without the user noticing.

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