The ‘Magic of Flight’ is an innovative, all web, thirty minutes immersive education experience in sixteen episodes centered on the…

Jordan Jones Dies in Space

Director: Shaun Crawford
Country: Canada
Runtime: 15m

Jordan Jones Dies in Space is a 1st person VR experience about a maintenance worker on an interstellar cruiser on…


Director: Hsin-Chien Huang
Country: Taiwan
Runtime: 21m

In the near future, the Earth environment is completely destroyed by the human race. We have to abandon it and…


Director: Michel Lemieux
Country: Canada
Runtime: 12m

Freely inspired by the infamous character from Greek mythology, Icarus is an immersive experience that literally wraps us in the…

Exhibition A

Director: Sam Mateosian, Allen Baldwin
Country: United States
Runtime: 20m

A playful networked social VR experience of music, poetry, and dance in collaboration with recording artist Janaesound and her organization…

Forget Pastworld

Director: Siavash Naghshbandi
Country: Iran
Runtime: 15m

I clicked on a “Forgot password” link and security questions appeared. At what age did you lose your privacy? Most…

Youth During COVID-19

Director: Sojung Bahng, BMPD Students
Country: Canada
Runtime: 20m 25s

This VR short is a collection of autobiographical stories about the COVID-19 pandemic from Carleton University’s undergraduate students in Canada….

Invasion of Normandy – Omaha Beach VR

Director: Uli Futschik
Country: United States
Runtime: 19m

Follow the stories of Hal Baumgarten, Richard Fazzio and Don McCarthy. The young and inexperienced soldiers and sailors were part…

A Frequency At Lavernock

A Frequency At Lavernock

Director: Tracy Spottiswoode
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 8m 15s

A performance piece inspired by a ghost story from the coast of Wales. The Captain’s Wife haunts the coast at…


Director: Bela Paprena
Country: Argentina
Runtime: 3m 28s

Aguario is a VR experience which explores the four horizons when the universal clock switches. A sword stuck pointing down…

Alien Secrets VR 360 Experience

Alien Secrets VR 360 Experience

Director: J.J. Barmettler
Country: United States
Runtime: 6m 30s

Alien Secrets VR 360 Experience is an immersive virtual 360 degree viewing experience that you don’t need headsets or cardboard…



Director: Carol Silverman
Country: United States
Runtime: 20m 0s

Every day, across the world, survivors are left with the possessions of a loved one who has passed away, a…

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread

Director: Cigdem Slankard
Country: United States
Runtime: 22m 0s

Breaking Bread is a virtual reality documentary exploring the multifaceted stories of refugee communities who have recently arrived in Cleveland….