Director: Militia Vox
Country: United States
Runtime: 24m 53s

Militia Vox’s THE VILLAINESS is a visual feast of heavy psychedelia. The immersive experience features award-winning anthemic rock music, surreal…

Frozen Tears (VR-Therapy)

Director: Jannik Tesch
Country: Germany
Runtime: 1h 16m 49s

Frozen Tears is a fiction-documentray-hybrid VR-film that portrays a group therapy session with 6 actors and a real psychotherapist. Except…

DeepLight One

Director: Mark Rickard
Country: USA
Runtime: 3m 32s

From Virtuality & DeepLight Labs, take a trip inside the heart of CARL—the flagship prototype of the incredible limited-edition DeepLight…

Don’t Forget Me

Director: Ken Winikur
Country: United States
Runtime: 12m 42s

In early summer 1944, at the height of the frenzied deportation of Hungarian Jewry, fourteen-year-old George Brent, his parents, and…


Director: Eve Weston
Country: United States
Runtime: 3m 15s

Human/Art/Object uses immersive media to start a conversation about objectification, the definition of art, and what it means to be…

JK’s Tunnel

Director: Chuck Cummings
Country: United States
Runtime: 15m

Take a trip to a drainage tunnel off the L.A. River, where someone named “JK” carved his artwork — odd…


Director: Mikkel Battefeld
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 11m 43s

A journey through the reflections of an upbringing with a now estranged mother.

All Her Bodies

Director: Elizabeth Leister
Country: United States
Runtime: 10m 40s

All Her Bodies merges poetic storytelling and volumetric filmmaking inside of a VR world. Individual stories of interiority are recounted…


Director: Audri Phillips
Country: United States
Runtime: 5m 10s

Rukh is a piece about isolation and longing, bringing about the desire to fly off to a magical land. We…


Director: Vibeke Bryld
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 12m

Hush is rooted in the Northern myths of the merpeople, who lured sailors and longing souls to the sea. In…

The Land of Milk and Honey

Director: Lisa Birke
Country: Canada
Runtime: 11m 02s

A space of plenty starts to break apart to reveal the messy constructs (and special effects) holding the illusion together. …

Om Devi: Shereos Revolution

Director: Claudio Casale
Country: Italy
Runtime: 20m

A doctor, an activist who survived an acid attack and a young priestess tell their dreams of gender equality in…

Goodbye Mr.Octopus

Director: Amaury Campion
Country: France
Runtime: 9m 35s

Stella lives alone with her father in a quiet suburb. Liv, her mother who barely raised her, is a star…

Elephant Elephant Elephant!

Director: Millie Young
Country: Thailand
Runtime: 10m

The immersive animation experience, hand drawn in 360° animation plays with our anthropomorphism of elephants, initially delighting the audience in…

Dream Droplets

Director: Nick Rutten
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 11m 47s

The tendrils of her dampened hair drip a comforting sound as her mind wanders elsewhere. Take a deep breath and…



Director: Ana Vijdea, Cosmin Nicoara
Country: Romania
Runtime: 20m

Eight families of Syracuse, NY, all from different ethnic backgrounds, let us join the intimate moments of their dinner time…

Inside COVID19

Director: Gary Yost, Adam Loften
Country: United States
Runtime: 35m 37s

Inside COVID19 is a VR journey with an American doctor, Dr. Josiah Child, battling on the front lines as the…

MLK Convergence

Director: Joergen Geerds, Uli Futschik
Country: United States
Runtime: 10m 22s

Colors, feelings and textures were inspiration for bassist Marlene Rosenberg’s compositions and albums in the past. In contrast, her latest…

The promotional poster for CLAWS from Candle House Collective at FIVARS 2021


Director: Created by Evan Neiden & Directed by John Ertman
Country: United States
Runtime: 30-50m

Meet Danny. Danny has a monster trapped in his closet, and he needs your help deciding what to do with…


Director: Léon Denise, Dorian Rigal Minuit, Samuel Lepoil
Country: France
Runtime: 30m

In this experience mixing VR, kinect and photogrammetry, the participant embodies a duo of architects in the construction of a…

Lifetime Achievement

Director: Yonatan Tal | Parade Animation
Country: United States
Runtime: 15m

Meet Albert , a world-class French designer who brings you along as he recounts how he made his greatest masterpiece…

I Prevail feat. Joyner Lucas – DOA

Director: Ben Proulx
Country: United States
Runtime: 4m 15s

Virtuality presents a “VR Remix” of the original music video, featuring intimate hi-res band performance mixed with innovative picture-in-picture techniques….