Director: Christopher Boulton
Country: USA
Runtime: 00:10:00

Cosmic•Atomic synchronizes the short film Powers of Ten with its ancestors/descendants, placing the viewer within a 360 degree kaleidoscopic ring of mirrored ascent/descent.

Jelly and the Bear

Director: Mike Gruhn
Country: United States
Runtime: 3m 30s

Jelly is an 8 year old girl who always seems to find trouble, or perhaps trouble finds her. Jelly has…

Song in the Smoke

Director: Jake Kazdal
Country: Japan
Runtime: 12-20h

Explore a beautiful, yet deadly virtual world. Use your bare hands to craft weapons and tools, make clothes, and brew…


Director: Dylan Paré
Country: Canada
Runtime: 30m

Mementorium is a heartfelt story about identity and belonging told through a branching narrative in virtual reality. Uncover memories of…

Mind VR Exploration

Director: Deng Zuyun
Country: China
Runtime: 20m

Explore Chinese classical architectures, implements, poems in this beautiful immersive experience.


Director: Dr. Ben Outram
Country: England
Runtime: 4-5 hours

Squingle is the Goddess of the Squingle Universe. This psychedelic experience unfolds before you as you unlock puzzles creating an…

Barnstormers: Determined to Win

Director: Derek Allen Ham
Country: United States
Runtime: 17m 15s

“Barnstormers: Determined to Win.” is an interactive VR experience set to the backdrop of the Negro Baseball League. The immersive…

Dark Threads

Director: Jonathan Corbiere
Country: Canada
Runtime: 60m

Dark Threads is an interactive VR science-fiction experience in which you play as Dominic Monaghan, an inventor with a scheme…

The ‘Magic of Flight’ is an innovative, all web, thirty minutes immersive education experience in sixteen episodes centered on the…

Jordan Jones Dies in Space

Director: Shaun Crawford
Country: Canada
Runtime: 15m

Jordan Jones Dies in Space is a 1st person VR experience about a maintenance worker on an interstellar cruiser on…


Director: Hsin-Chien Huang
Country: Taiwan
Runtime: 21m

In the near future, the Earth environment is completely destroyed by the human race. We have to abandon it and…


Director: Michel Lemieux
Country: Canada
Runtime: 12m

Freely inspired by the infamous character from Greek mythology, Icarus is an immersive experience that literally wraps us in the…

Exhibition A

Director: Sam Mateosian, Allen Baldwin
Country: United States
Runtime: 20m

A playful networked social VR experience of music, poetry, and dance in collaboration with recording artist Janaesound and her organization…