Klaxon. My Dear Sweet Friend

Director: Nikita Shokhov
Country: USA
Runtime: 01:15:00

This 360 VR experience is a laboratory of understanding and poetic interpretation of whiteness and the double consciousness of black people.

Noah's-Raft VR poster

Noah’s Raft

Director: Joel Kachi Benson & Tal Michael Haring
Country: Nigeria
Runtime: 10m

From a young age, Noah Shemede believed that his destiny was in the water. His father, brothers, and uncles were all fishermen, and their fathers before them. This is the life of the average male in Makoko, Africa’s largest floating slum.

The Severance Theory

The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite

Director: Lyndsie Scoggin
Country: USA
Runtime: 60:00:00

The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite is a fully interactive narrative VR experience featuring live, theatrical performance with all characters played in real-time by live, professional actors.


Unframed: Hand puppets, Paul Klee

Director: Martin Charrière
Country: Switzerland
Runtime: 00:12:35

Let the puppets created by Paul Klee tell you the story of their maker in this unique VR puppet theater designed only with Klee’s textures.

Last Dance

Director: Toshiaki Hanzaki
Country: Japan
Runtime: 00:23:00

The human race has devoured itself in war, resulting in the destruction of our home, the Earth. Only an AI created by human wisdom was able to survive.

Ripples of Kindness poster

Ripples of Kindness

Director: Ollie Lindsey
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:16:00

A story of brotherhood, love and positivity, this new communal virtual reality experience is inspired by the stories of Hussein Amiri and his family, who were forced to flee Afghanistan in 2000.



Director: Pascal Pelletier
Country: Canada
Runtime: 00:40:00

In -22.7°C, the evocative power of Molécule’s music is enhanced by the immersive dome experience and the visuals created by Dirty Monitor.


Survivorman VR – The Descent (Demo)

Director: Andrew MacDonald, Les Stroud
Country: Canada
Runtime: 01:00:00

Survivorman VR “The Descent” challenges players to survive real-world, life-or-death experiences while being guided by survival expert Les Stroud.


Director: Carlos Isabel García
Country: Switzerland
Runtime: 00:19:23

Mankind has landed on the moon and flies around in space. But under our feet there are about a million kilometers of cave systems—only one per cent of which has been explored.


The Girmit Experience

Director: Ajay Chhabra
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:07:15

The Girmit Experience a hand crafted multi-dimensional counter-narrative


MindLand: Improvised autobiographical solo performance in VR

Director: Naomi Smyth
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 01:00:00

MindLand brings the art of “Fooling” into a virtual space as a single performer shifts between an array of “Masks” to create an improvised, participatory and autobiographical story with a virtual audience.

The Talent Stealer

The Talent Stealer

Director: David Slater
Country: Canada
Runtime: 00:29:24

he Talent Stealer is a Sci-Fi Action Thriller in the 180 VR cinematic format, by Real Moonlight Studios.

Off With Her Head - Monster poster

Off With Her Head

Director: Camelia R. Finley
Country: USA
Runtime: 13m

A demigod, experiences insanity in a skewed human destiny, as well as duality in the hellish monster who assists him. He is beheaded, and ascends back to his fiery self more whole than before.

Daniel Leighton’s unique hand-drawn art pieces serve as gateways to intricately orchestrated Augmented Reality experiences that morph, evolve, expand and challenge the user emotionally. This special exclusive WebXR exhibit will serve as a method to expand Leighton’ traditional physical art installations to a global audience. iOS app download required.



Director: Alan Nguyen
Country: Australia
Runtime: 00:06:42

BeeScapes is an immersive nature documentary, letting you see with the senses of a bee.

Seeds of Life

Director: Christine Saab and Leto Meade
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 00:07:30

Seeds of Life is an immersive experience inspired by the interconnection of the natural world.

In times like these

In times like these…

Director: Alex Scollay, Jevon Chandra, Corentin Derbre, Yanyun Chen
Country: Singapore
Runtime: 00:08:27

The VR experience is one of slow-motion aesthetic implosions, that a viewer melts into the virtual at the eye of the cascading storm.

Drifting North The Arctic Pulse

Drifting North: The Arctic Pulse

Director: Lianna Nixon and Amy Lauren
Country: USA
Runtime: 00:26:30

Follow an international team of scientists from over twenty countries who embark on an epic year-long expedition to the Central Arctic, MOSAiC.



Director: Christopher Boulton
Country: USA
Runtime: 00:10:00

Cosmic•Atomic synchronizes the short film Powers of Ten with its ancestors/descendants, placing the viewer within a 360 degree kaleidoscopic ring of mirrored ascent/descent.