Canadian Premiere

Yankho Poster 169 - FIVARS

Passive Spherical Video


Directed by:

John Tenny, Praises Padambo






Nankhoma, a mother in a rural Malawian village guides the viewer through a day in her life in 360 VR. Her day begins before sunrise as she goes to fetch water more than a kilometer away. She returns home and prepares her kids for their day at school with the help of her eldest daughter, Yankho.

At the market, Nankhoma learns from a friend that Yankho has been keeping a secret. That evening, Nankhoma confronts Yankho. The family’s communication and trust help them to overcome life’s challenges.

Director Bio:

John-Tenny John Tenny is originally from Denton, Texas and currently resides in Montréal, Canada. He has a background in foreign languages, anthropology, and photography and he holds a master’s degree in International Arts Management. He is currently the Executive Director of Orant Charities, the organization that made “Yankho” possible.
Praises Padambo Praises Padambo was born and raised in rural Salima, Malawi. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Cultural Studies from the University of Malawi. Praises has always been passionate about fighting injustices and seeing underprivileged peoples’ lives change for the better. She believes communication is the greatest weapon for fighting injustices and changing people’s lives. Currently, Praises is working as a Communications and Marketing Officer for Orant Charities Africa.
Yankho Poster 169 - FIVARS