Directed by:

Shan Huang






Satellite is a VR interactive experience in memory of my grandparents, who passed away. In that memory, time is dislocated, and memories can be cut and reunited. This presents my hope to travel through this time warp. In this experience, the audience will experience my fragmented memories through portal doors around them.

Director Bio:

Shan Huang (b. 1998, Hunan, China) currently works and lives in London. She received her BA in New Media Art from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, and her MA in Experimental Animation from the Royal College of Art, UK, in 2023.

With a growing interest in psychology, sociology, philosophy, and new media, the artist contemplates and creates experimental works by fusing multiple disciplines and technologies, such as painting, 3D animation, and virtual reality. She has exhibited work in Beijing, China; Brazil; Texas, USA; Montreal, Canada; and London, UK.