Canadian Premiere

Interactive Augmented RealityInstallation

The Metaverse and Me

Directed by:

Deepa Mann-Kler


United Kingdom




The intersection of the metaverse and my artistic expression encapsulates narratives of human relationships mediated by the synergy of art and technology. These narratives traverse familial bonds, our spatial context, and the intricate tapestry of societal dynamics. Significant personal events frame the exhibition: the passing of my father in 2016, prompting a shift from traditional painting to XR, and the recent loss of my mother in February 2023, as this exhibition was taking shape.

Embedded within this creative exploration are profound themes exploring life, mortality, gender, identity, racial dynamics, the commodification of existence, and the pervasive influence of social media. ‘R U OK?’ Places the viewer as both subject and object, encapsulating the staggering deluge of human-generated content within a world where data proliferates exponentially. 90% of today’s global data has been generated in the past two years, and human experience is being chronicled as never before.

Director Bio:

Deepa Mann-Kler is Chief Executive of Neon; Festival Director for Belfast XR Festival; Executive Producer for Virtual Production at Aura Studios; Visiting Professor in Immersive Futures at Ulster University, an award-winning Artist and a member of BAFTA Connect. Neon harnesses the power of immersive technologies to create authentic augmented and virtual reality narrative-driven experiences.

As Director and Producer, Neon has won multiple awards, most recently with Discover ME, which shares real-life stories of people living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Long Covid. Neon launched AR Peace Wall and AR Street Art apps freely available on iOS and Play Store. A TEDx speaker, “Being Human,” and thought leader Deepa regularly keynotes on the intersection of storytelling, digital transformation, technical innovation, leadership, inclusion, ethics, bias, data, AI, design, and creativity.

Awards: Royal Television Society Finalist RETNE “Interactive Entertainment” 2017. WinTech Series Finalist “Tech Start Up Of the Year” 2018. Digital DNA Finalist “Tech For Good” Talking Sense AR App 2020. Discover ME 2022 Global Shorts; Best Shorts Competition; Pinewood Lift Off Global Network; Delta International Film Festival.