Canadian Premiere

Interactive Virtual Reality

Holy Fire – Pilot Version

Directed by:

Ben Wahl, Georg Hobmeier, Lisley Viraphong






Holy Fire is an interactive documentary experience that explores humankind’s difficult relationship with nuclear energy. It looks at the technology’s tragic upscaling into risky nuclear power plants worldwide. It examines the early days when scientists were full of hope after discovering this genuine philosopher’s stone. The players can travel into the core of a nuclear reactor, become part of the liquidator squad that cleaned up after the Chernobyl disaster, and travel back in the past to Maria Skłodowska–Curie’s highly radioactive laboratory with dosimeter at hand.

Director Bio:

Georg Hobmeier Born in the mountains of Austria, Georg’s career trajectory has taken him from performer to game designer. He straddles the lines between producer, narrative designer, and educator. Georg’s artistic sensibilities & leadership in the industry have helped to push the medium further into new territories…but be warned, hide your chocolate when he enters the room lest he gobble it up.