Canadian Premiere

Interactive Virtual Reality

Wonder of Life

Directed by:

Wen-Chieh Chang






What is life? It’s the veins on a lotus leaf. It’s the transient resting and then fly-away of a dragonfly. Its ripples waving through the water’s surface and disappearing. Life lies within every little wonder and mystery of nature in the lotus pond at dawn.

Director Bio:

Director Wen-Chieh Chang graduated from Fu-Xin Trades and Arts school in 1985. He is enrolled in the MA program in radio, film, and television at Shih-Hsin University.

Born and raised in Yilan, an idyllic and peaceful countryside, Chang likes to take the path less traveled. Having one foot in the profit-driven business reality world while the other in the creative arts and virtuality, he is a cross-disciplinary artist who integrates video-graphic creativity, interactive technologies, and new media arts…with inspiring originality.

Chang took a different turn after producing many commercial works for international wine merchants, automobile, and real-estate industries in 2019. He began to focus on directing and making new media art. He reflects deeply on traditional culture, interpreting and deconstructing it with new media arts.

Chang’s innovative works, such as” The Universe of Liu Kuo-Sun,” “Kuo Hsueh-Hu Home Gazing,” “Childhood Revisited,” “Wonder of Life,”… etc., have won numerous awards and great reviews among various international design exhibitions and film festivals. Looking deeply into one’s history and local culture while innovating at the forefront of new media arts, Chang seeks perfection in converging the two into inspiring and creative expressions.