World Premiere

Passive Spherical Video

Castle Gillian: An Irish Tale

Directed by:

Victor Kazan






Ireland, Co. Mayo 1946. Gillian Morris, a renowned trainer and owner of the racing stable, Castle Gillian, has retreated from the world since the death of his wife; Gill. His son, recently returned from the War, has lost his way in life; and so it is left to Mary, his daughter, to try to keep the stable from wrack and ruin.

A pernicious, and sadistic local landowner, Garret Ward, offers to settle the family’s debt in return for a controlling interest in Castle Gillian; however, marrying Mary is also part of his deal. To save Castle Gillian from foreclosure will need a miracle and the long-standing friendship with a group of Irish Travellers – and a broken down colt named “Benbecula”.

Director Bio:

Director headshot Victor Kazan Victor Kazan boasts a 50-year career spanning theatre, film, TV, and radio, starting in London where he studied Romance Languages and trained at the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Transitioning from acting to directing, he directed diverse productions across the globe.

In the 1980s, he moved to Australia, pursuing an acting career while continuing to direct acclaimed productions. Kazan is also a prolific writer, with credits in film, TV, and stage, collaborating on musicals such as “Rebecca” and “The Stranger from Seville.” He’s now delving into virtual reality cinema with “Castle Gillian: An Irish Tale.”