North American Premiere


Passive Spherical Video


Directed by:

Michel Lemieux




8m 2s


In an enigmatic world where everything is falling apart, an old man comes face to face with himself. In the end, what’s left? Dust, a glimmer and the laughter of an invisible man. Alone, playfully guided by his conscience, he wanders into the depths of his being.

Director Bio:

Michel Lemieux A graduate of the production program at the National Theatre School of Canada, Michel Lemieux never ceases to amaze with the originality and scope of his creative output.

This artist, designer, scenographer, stage director, composer, performer and director has always been at the forefront of the digital arts. In 1990, together with Victor Pilon, he founded Lemieux Pilon 4D Art, creating unique shows in which new technologies intensify the audience’s sensory and emotional experience. Highlights include Dreamscapes, Icarus, La Belle et la Bête, La Tempête and NORMAN.