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The Closet from Canadian Film Centre

Title: The Closet
DIR: Ian Tuason
Country: Canada | RT: 5m5s
Production Company: CFC Media Lab

A young man investigates strange supernatural forces in his new home when he discovers an even stronger, insatiable force where he least expects it.

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Title: Wild Things
DIR: Tristan and Andrew
Country: Canada | RT: 5m30s
Production Company: Cream Productions

Actor Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings, Lost) explores some of the most remote corners of far-flung countries across the globe. as he searches for the largest, weirdest and most intense creatures alive.

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Title: Waiting for Big Benny – World Premiere
DIR: Roberto Sosa
Country: USA | RT: 1m23s

The dark forest plays upon a young girl’s fears as she waits for the arrival of Big Benny.