Kristine Is Not Well

Interactive Virtual Reality

Kristine Is Not Well

Directed by:

Seeyam Quine




20m 0s


Kristine is Not Well is a 20-minute animated VR social media simulation that highlights the resistance of online activists against algorithmic surveillance and censorship.

Director Bio:

Seeyam Quine Seeyam Quine is a Unity/Unreal developer by day, and a VR filmmaker making projects about people fighting for democracy by night.

Seeyam is a creative developer, tech artist, and film critic, working at the convergence of storytelling and technology. He has worked on immersive narrative projects shown worldwide, notably at Sundance Film Festival (USA), Venice International Film Festival (Italy), and Sandbox Immersive Festival (China). He has also programmed more than 20 multimedia installations for museums and galleries, including Empire State Building Observatory (USA), National Museum of American History (USA), and National Museum of Oman (Oman).

After years of collaboration with other artists in technical roles, he is now committed to creating experiential entertainment with socially relevant themes. His creative approach is grounded in the ability to engage audiences through interaction and immersion.

Kristine Is Not Well