Canadian Premiere

Interactive Real-time performance


Directed by:

Brendan Bradley






When a video game hero dies, the audience must guide a non-player character (performed by a live, singing actor) through five virtual worlds of grief, either as “Participants” in a VR headset on stage or “Spectators” watching on the big screen or attending remotely. Brendan Bradley’s pioneering work in virtual reality storytelling brings this live, interactive musical to devices and stages worldwide.

Director Bio:

Brendan Andolsek Bradley is a multi-award winning actor and creator, known internationally as “America’s Scrappy Storyteller” with 100+ film and television credits, 50M+ views online, opposite some of the biggest stars in the world.

He is a leader in live theater in virtual reality, establishing The Innovation Lab at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, co-founded The 5th Wall Forum, and is the Artistic Director of #OnBoardXR, which has supported and monetized 50+ artists around the world to bring their creative practice into web-based virtual reality.

His first VR play, Jettison, was a Finalist for The Producer Guild of America’s Innovation Award. He has performed live virtual reality across three continents, staring in the multi-award winning VR projects Welcome To Respite, Gumball Dreams, and Non-Player Character.