Passive Spherical Video

Session 180

Directed by:

Rick Wang






Session 180 is a VR live music session that gives you a closer look into the exclusive spaces of talented artists and bands. Catch a glimpse of behind the scenes of the creative process, and enjoy the experience of immersive and dreamlike VIP music performance catered to you.

Director Bio:

Rick Wang Rick Wang is a seasoned music industry professional who began his career in 2007. He has directed numerous music videos and experiment shorts for various bands and artists.

In 2018, Rick made his directorial debut with the 3D 360 VR short film, “Vision.” The film was selected for prestigious film festivals such as the Busan International Film Festival, Guanajuato Film Festival, Utah Film Festival, and Vancouver Virtual Reality Festival, earning him critical acclaim and international recognition.

Rick excels at using musical storytelling techniques in VR production. His groundbreaking work has garnered attention from VR labs and Film festival worldwide.