The Siege of Bastogne - Hold at All Costs

Passive Spherical Video

The Siege of Bastogne – Hold at All Costs

Directed by:

Uli Futschik




19m 53s


The last great battle of the 101st US Airborne Division in World War II during the battle of the bulge.

Hungry, tired, freezing and surrounded by three German divisions their order was to hold at all costs. And so the 101st US Airborne Division did. Veterans from the famous division recount the weeks they spent in and around Bastogne, a small Belgian town, during the battle of the bulge in the winter of 1944/1945. It was “the most miserable time of my life” as Jim ‘Peewee’ Martin, one of the veterans, put it.

Director Bio:

Uli Futschik Ulrike Futschik, known as Uli, is a leading figure in 360 filmmaking and immersive content creation. As the COO and Co-Founder of Koncept VR LLC, a pioneering New York City based 360/VR video content company, Uli’s journey started with a Ph.D. in quantum physics before embracing the VR wave. Alongside Joergen Geerds, she co-founded Freedom360 LLC, designing 360 cameras and hardware, and pioneering 360/VR experiences.

With roles spanning producer, director, writer, and more, Uli has been instrumental in numerous successful VR projects, particularly drawn to crafting 360/VR documentaries that embed personal narratives in broader contexts. Her work with organizations like World Vision translated into tangible impacts, securing funds for vital projects. Uli’s leadership drives Koncept VR’s acclaim, with selections in renowned film festivals and awards such as Webbys and Shortys. The company’s focus on cultural and social impact resonates with Uli’s commitment to exploring novel ways of communication and education through XR technologies.

The Siege of Bastogne - Hold at All Costs