Behind the Dish

Behind the Dish

Directed by:

Chloé Rochereuil


France, USA


11m 0s




Behind the Dish is a virtual reality docu-series that lets viewers step inside the fascinating world of gastronomy.

Through three 10-minute episodes in 360° film, meet three extraordinary female chefs revolutionizing the food industry. Thanks to VR, you are shrunk to the size of ingredients and discover XXL chef-made dishes in super-sized macro 3D like never before!

The series sheds light on the unique life trajectories of daring women chefs reshaping a male-dominated industry. Meet 6-Michelin-star French Chef Hélène Darroze, African-American lesbian Soul Food Chef Deborah VanTrece, and one of the rare Japanese women Sushi Masters, Yumi Chiba.

Director Bio:

Chloe Rochereuil Chloé Rochereuil is an Emmy-nominated director and the co-founder of TARGO, an award-winning virtual reality studio specializing in documentaries and non-fiction experiences.

Rochereuil directed high-profile VR documentaries such as “When We Stayed Home,” “Rebuilding Notre Dame,” “Surviving 9/11,” and “Behind the Dish,” TARGO’s latest production in partnership with Meta Quest. Rochereuil is one of Europe’s leading voices in VR journalism and storytelling.

Behind the Dish