Canadian Premiere

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

Passive Spherical Video

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

Directed by:

Wenchi Su




13m 39s


Conceived by Taiwanese new media artist and choreographer SU WENCHI, Black Hole Museum + Body Browser is a VR project on imagining and perceiving the abstract gravity in astronomy with dance, sound, and light.

Her art residency inspired her in Arts@CERN (CERN_European Organization for Nuclear Research, the most significant scientific laboratory of Quantum Physics), where WENCHI met the Spanish physicist Diego Blas, exchanging the altered meaning of Gravity in dance and astronomy. This film represents the encounter of 2 brilliant creative minds, an artist and a scientist, who celebrate curiosity in a shared journey. It welcomes the audience to wonder and travel in the unexpected beauty and the wisdom of the cosmos vs. the human body.

Director Bio:

Wenchi Su A choreographer, new media artist and the founder of YILAB.

Combining the concepts and forms of new media and performing arts, she attempts to rethink the possibilities of dance from the perspective of new media, extending the controversy and reflection of contemporary art in the face of the impact of digital technology. She has actively interacted and cooperated with local and international art communities through workshops, seminars, talks, and performances. She is the artist-in-residence in the National Theater & Concert Hall in Taiwan 2017, Arts@CERN / European Organization for Nuclear Research, and EMPAC / Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. As one of Taiwan’s iconic figures in this field, SU received the Jury’s Special Award in the 9th Taishin Arts Award and the Alternative Design Gold Award in the 2017 World Stage Design Award. In 2021, SU WENCHI’s collaboration with Swiss skincare house LA PRAIRIE was exclusively presented during Art Basel Miami Beach.

In 2005, SU WENCHI founded YILAB in Taiwan, an experimental group of new media and performance artists working on integrating new technology with the performing arts and seeking to present new performing formats. YILAB’s philosophy is: in a work, there is not just one dominant medium, only concepts that appear similar but collide with one another; every artist involved is an independent entity who has their artistic trajectory, can freely put forward their viewpoint, and undertake an in-depth exploration of the core significance of the theme.

Their performance and exhibition were invited by the festivals/theaters in new media arts and performing arts, such as Gu-Ling St. International Theatre Festival, TIFA_Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei Digital Arts Festival, CLAB_Taiwan Sound Lab, Asian Arts Theatre (South Korea), Arcadi Hors Saison, Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-saint-denis, IRCAM Forum, SCOPITONE, Chroniques_Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques (France), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, STUK (Belgium), LEAP Gallery, Potsdamer Tanztage (Germany), InShadow (Portugal), Kalamata Dance Festival (Greece), Mapping Festival, La Bâtie (Switzerland), Performance Space (Australia) among others.

Black Hole Museum + Body Browser