North American Premiere


Passive Spherical Video

Cassava: The Root to Reviving the Kiriri People’s Livelihoods

Directed by:

David Gough, Pierre-Julien Quiers




10m 3s


“Kiriri” is a Tupi indigenous word meaning “a quiet, observant people.” Still, the characteristic of the Banzaê Kiriris is that we are a fearless people who managed to retake our territory in North East Brazil thanks to the organization and wisdom of their elders.

Using 3D technology, immerse yourselves into the daily lives of this indigenous community and discover how a project funded by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development has allowed the community to pass on their old customs while embracing 21st-century technology.

Director Bio:

David Gough David Gough is an award-winning filmmaker, print journalist, and communications director, with 20 years international and headquarters experience, and with a special expertise communicating humanitarian affairs and issues.

Pierre-Julien Quiers is a journalist, cameraman, press editor, and writer with over 20 years of experience working throughout Asia, Africa, and South America, with a particular expertise in broadcast news and features.