World Premiere


Interactive Virtual Reality

Pulsar – The VR Experience

Directed by:

Gabriella Hoffman




30m 0s


Enter uncharted quadrants of the cosmos to witness firsthand an artistic interpretation of the birth and demise of stars and planetary systems at the speed of lightyears, all driven by enchanting original musical score.

Interact with the melodies, represented in colors and lines. Go on a spacewalk adventure in an EVA suit. Pass through a gas giant and its planetary rings and demolish asteroids to protect a planet from destruction. By being immersed in the imagined sounds, sights, and touchable aspects of the universe, you will have a unique opportunity to transcend the fragility and physical restrictions of human existence and experience another dimension.

Each journey presents a stand-alone story, provoking you to imagine your own interpretation. Extras offer you a 3D volume of scientific facts and animated props. PULSAR promises delight, awe, wonder, and more: it gifts you with the kind of satisfaction only art can provide.

Director Bio:

Gabriella Hoffman Gabriella Hoffman is a trilingual writer, UX designer, and first time screenwriter-director from South Carolina, USA.

As a long-time devotee of art, music, and expressive storytelling, she grabbed the opportunity to join the team at Dizzy Magnolia VR Studio. Gabriella’s goal is to apply her skills and talents not only to tell captivating stories and to create intimately personal immersive experiences that fuse music, visual art, and physical touch in virtual reality, but also to offer an immersive form of discovery and relaxation.

Gabriella’s fascination with space was instrumental in shaping the world of PULSAR which is based on the final birthday wish of a six-year-old friend, who lost her battle with leukemia. Gabriella’s near future plans include two additional directorial VR projects, one of which will be the magical story of a disabled youth in, where else, but space.