North American Premiere


Passive Spherical Video


Directed by:

Julius Horsthuis




47m 0s


Recombination is the latest project from visionary fractal artist Julius Horsthuis. Realizing that the best way to enjoy his work is immersion, he collaborated with seven of his favorite musicians in order to create an abstract journey through music, space and mathematics.

Director Bio:

Julius Horsthuis Julius Horsthuis (Amsterdam, 1980) is a Digital Artist.

After a 15-year career in the Dutch film and entertainment industry, first on-set and later as a Visual Effects artist and supervisor, Julius started experimenting with fractal animation techniques, creating a unique blend between abstract and cinematic animation.

His work quickly gained worldwide recognition, being picked up by blogs and news sites such as The Creators Project, Gizmodo, Newsweek, and the Vimeo Staff Picks. His Fulldome film Fractal Time was recognized by Forbes as one of the 35 best XR experiences of 2019.

Julius created music videos for Max Cooper, Meshuggah, Eric Serra and background visuals for Avicii, Lady Gaga and others.

His fractals have also featured in Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’ third episode: The Autopsy, and Michel van der Aa’s opera Upload.

In 2021 Julius exhibited his work in Manhattan based digital art gallery ARTECHOUSE NYC. Other immersive works have been on display in Amsterdam, Montréal, Moscow, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Festival exhibitions include the Art Futura Festival, Art Basel Miami, Coachella, IDFA, Noor Riyadh festival, and others.

Julius continues to push the limits of fractal immersive art, both in physical spaces as in digital ones: VR.