North American Premiere


Interactive Virtual Reality

VMoVA – Thickness of Calligraphy

Directed by:







“Thickness of Calligraphy” is an online virtual exhibition with the theme of “3D calligraphy”.

This virtual exhibition is curated and created by Jessien, and divides the artist Boyan’s research into four stages, which are presented successively through a large number of works.

While these works are exhibited as research results, the exhibition also tells the story of tortuous research experiences. These experiences and works both have unique reference value and enlightening significance.

Director Bio:

Jessien studied Architecture during undergraduate and postgraduate period. When he was studying at UCL in London, he began to create with VR as medium. Based on years of architectural research and the study of “Human Perception of Space”, he invented a set of highly experimental and pioneering spatial narrative methods including a national patented algorithm named “Interactive Redirected Walking”.

Jessien’s VR works aim to explore the narrative language of Virtual Reality as a new medium. Since 2018, his VR works have been selected and awarded at various film festivals.