North American Premiere

Interactive Virtual Reality

Invisible Nature: Victoria Amazonica

Directed by:

Cristina Lyra de Carvalho Vianna






The Invisible Nature experience brings together art, science, and technology to illustrate the life cycle of Victoria Amazonica in its biome. The multi-sensory content invites the audience to look beyond the landscape and be emotionally stimulated by the atmosphere. This narrative aims to raise awareness and inspire ecological behaviour.

Director Bio:

Cristina Lyra de Carvalho Vianna is a multidisciplinary visual artist, with a BA degree in Graphic Design and two specialization courses, one in Cinema at UCLA, and the other in Animation at PUC-Rio. She earned her Master’s degree in Creative Media at ECO-UFRJ, where she researched cognition and created a VR experience with an ecological theme.

Her professional experience includes developing visual narratives, creating graphic concepts and illustrations, and doing broadcast design in 2D and 3D for a wide range of genres. Cristina has worked at Cinema Electric, a technology company based in Los Angeles, DirectTV, and several production companies, including Hungry Man. Today, she is part of Rede Globo’s on-air promotions team.