World Premiere

The Carrier

Interactive Spherical VideoVirtual Reality

The Carrier

Directed by:

Andrew Cochrane




10m 30s


“The Carrier” is told through the eyes of a baby waking up in the back seat of their family’s car, which is stuck in a traffic jam. In the front seat, the baby’s parents lament their decision to wait to evacuate the city – from what is not clear, but the duct-taped vents and windows of the car and the luggage strapped to the vehicles surrounding them seem to indicate that something serious is happening. As events outside the car escalate, the parents’ rising tension reaches a boiling point as they struggle to decide the best way to escape and to keep their baby safe from the dangers approaching them.

Director Bio:

Andrew Cochrane Andrew Cochrane is a creator specializing in the architecting of interactive and immersive experiences. “The Carrier” started as a passion project while working for corporate clients, an experiment to prove out the theory that live-action VR is best in a 180o rather than a 360o format while pushing immersive video technology hard in a real production.

Andrew brings a unique blend of narrative creativity and technical savvy to every project he works on. He believes that XR experiences require a mixture of film, live theater, haunted houses and other live amusements, games, improv, and other mediums – a mix of everything he loves.

Currently, he is working to build production workflows around emerging technologies such as Generative AI, NeRFs, LiDAR, and photogrammetry. As part of this work, Andrew is producing several independent creative projects which will release in late 2023 into early 2024.

Andrew was the Senior Vice President of Post Production Innovation at MSG Sphere Studios for three years, building the team and workflows to provide content for the groundbreaking Sphere venue in Las Vegas.

The Carrier