North American Premiere

Fukushima The Home That Once Was

Interactive Virtual Reality

Fukushima – The Home That Once Was

Directed by:

Timo Wright, Kohei Okada-Skogorev, Junko Takahashi


Finland, Denmark, Japan


20m 0s


At 2:46 PM, the lives of Hidenori, Mao, Kinue, and thousands of others changed irreversibly. The Fukushima Daiichi accident on the 11th of March 2011 was the worst nuclear power plant accident after Chornobyl.

Fukushima – The Home That Once Was is a free-movement virtual reality documentary. Using their VR headset, the viewer can move freely inside the realistically captured 3D houses and down the town streets inside Fukushima Daiichi’s off-limits Exclusion Zone.

The viewer will meet six former residents who share their memories about losing their homes, the importance of community, and their special connection to the land. The film has around 1.5 hours of content, but the viewer can stay in the experience for only up to 20 minutes. Thus, each viewing will be different, and each viewer will see a different version of the film.

Director Bio:

Timo Wright Timo Wright is a media artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Noteworthy exhibitions include Nakanojo Biennale. Nikolaj Kunsthal, Kunsthall Charlottenborg, Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Galerie Anhava, Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki Design Museum, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Kunsthalle Helsinki, as well as festivals such as IDFA, Slamdance, Japan Media Arts Festival, Nordisk Panorama, and International Film Festival Rotterdam. His films have been shown at over 80 festivals and exhibitions worldwide.

Fukushima – The Home That Once Was. from Timo Wright on Vimeo.

Fukushima The Home That Once Was