Gumball Dreams

Interactive Real-time performance

Gumball Dreams

Directed by:

Deirdre V. Lyons and Christopher Lane Davis




60m 0s


You have been called by an alien creature named Onyx to a mythical planet on which they are living out their final days. You, and two others, are asked to help them transition from this reality to the next. Each interaction with this majestic creature is as meaningful as it is fascinating when you are asked to delve into your past and delight in sharing stories in moments out of time.

But before Onyx can lay infinite wisdom at your feet, the weight of your spirit must be assessed. If found ready, you shall embark upon the journey of a lifetime, skipping among the stars, floating above the spheres, and remembering who you really are.

Director Bio:

Deirdre V Lyons Deirdre V. Lyons is co-founder of Ferryman Collective where she has produced and performed in the live immersive VR productions, PARA, Krampusnacht and The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite. Gumball Dreams is her directorial debut. She was honored with the 2023 Innovation Award from XR Women and included in Volume 2 of the Global Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech, produced by Women of the Future.
Christopher Lane Davis Christopher Lane Davis, aka Screaming Color, is a musician, writer, actor, photographer & filmmaker. His work includes an autobiographical electronic-dance-musical, The Road to Dawn. In 2020 he created the video game Gumball Lounge, catching the attention of Ferryman Collective, whom he soon joined. He is currently directing the mandarin version of Gumball Dreams in Taiwan.
Gumball Dreams