World Premiere

Hickory Horned Devil

Interactive Virtual Reality

Hickory Horned Devil

Directed by:

Phoebe Titus




15m 0s


Step into the world of Hickory Horned Devil, an interactive VR narrative experience that transports you to 1948, when your grandmother was on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough. Follow her story firsthand through journals, letters, and artifacts, unfolding her struggles with love, ambition, and the societal limitations of her time. Through interactions with beautifully hand painted objects and environments, travers time and dimensions through the bittersweet legacy of a remarkable woman’s life.

Director Bio:

Phoebe Titus Phoebe Titus is a VR creator based in Vancouver, BC. Her work evolved from a foundation in fine art and illustration into an exploration of moving images. This led her to a career in animation and colour grading for film and TV, but she felt drawn to explore interactive media.

She collaborated with the Hedgerow Theatre company in Pennsylvania from 2015-2018 to create animated sets to interact with performers. In 2019 she took that interaction further by moving into VR where she can give the audience a first hand experience with her work. Hickory Horned Devil is her first narrative VR experience.

Trailer: Hickory Horned Devil from David and Phoebe Titus on Vimeo.

Hickory Horned Devil