North American Premiere

M Curie Poster

Interactive Virtual Reality

M. Curie

Directed by:

J Dakota Powell


United States




In M. Curie, trek back in time and step into Marie Curie’s shoes in virtual reality. Dive into her story. Engage with 19th-century physics and chemistry apparatus, such as an electroscope, an electrometer, and a spectroscope, to find what Curie unearthed: new elements (radium and polonium) that emitted strange invisible rays with no known energy source.

Solve puzzles that unlock special items. Experience the wonder, angst, and joy of a woman who overcame adversity to become one of the world’s greatest scientists.

Director Bio:

 Director Headshot JDPPowell is an XR developer, 3D artist, writer/director and founder of TimeWave Studio, which focuses on creating interactive immersive formats.

She says of “M. Curie”: “Prior to the #MeToo movement, a woman won two Nobel Prizes over 200 years ago. I was keen to dramatize Marie Curie’s journey in VR.”

M Curie Poster