World Premiere

Neo Art Space

Interactive Virtual Reality

Neo Art Space

Directed by:

Philip Noyed




25m 0s


Neo Art Space is a transcendent light art adventure in a faraway galaxy. It is like an art museum except it was created by an alien civilization of light beings and is designed to elevate your frequency by experiencing joy, wonder and awe.

Thrill to over 30 dazzling living light art experiences – bioluminescent caves, colorful forests, radiant energy fields, globes and sacred geometric shapes – as you move through planets and star systems. Play with many interactive art experiences and a poetry generator. Enjoy lovely ethereal music. Transport by jumping through portals, teleporting or flying to explore freely.

Director Bio:

Philip Noyed Philip Noyed is an innovative multimedia artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His artwork represents the quintessential contemporary art movement using cutting-edge creative technology that is changing the way art is experienced today.

Philip created Neo Art Space VR art entertainment experience that has over 30 moving light art experiences, many interactive art experiences amidst planets and stars. He painted it in TiltBrush and OpenBrush. At 40 million pixels big, it could be the largest VR painting ever created.

As a multimedia artist, Philip creates virtual reality (VR) art, geometric illumination light sculptures, kinetic mobiles, videos, projections, 3D paintings and mixed-media public art installations.

Philip’s art has been shown nationally and internationally and has won many awards. He was named “Artist of the Year,” in 2022 by ArtTour International. Most recently he had an art show in NYC called, “Activation: The New Era of Immersive Art.”

Philip has more than 25 years of experience as an award-winning creative director. He is a speaker on Virtual Reality, Quantum Art, Creativity, the Healing Power of Art, the Psychology of Design, User Experience Design and Brand Strategies.

Neo Art Space