Interactive Installation

The CUBE: Turnkey Interactive Floor Projection Experience

Directed by:

Vincent John Vincent






The CUBE is a (16″ X 12″X 28″) unit that sits on the floor and projects an 8′ X 6′ image on the floor that is interactive by gesture control. People step about on the projection, interacting with the animation imagery and sounds. The Animation reacts with real-world physics. The scenes appearing over time vary from interactive art-scapes to virtual natural landscapes (e.g., Koi ponds).

Director Bio:

Vincent John Vincent is a visionary artist and innovative entrepreneur who has blazed a trail at the intersection of technology and creativity for over three decades. His illustrious career has taken him on a diverse journey, encompassing roles as a pioneering inventor, a captivating multimedia performer, a dynamic event producer, and a sought-after speaker.

At the heart of Vincent’s artistic endeavors lies his role as the Co-founder and President of GestureTek Inc. ( This company has redefined the boundaries of creative expression through video gesture control technology.

Over the last 25+ years, Vincent’s company has not only invented and patented this groundbreaking technology but has also played a pivotal role in evangelizing its immense artistic potential. With over 16 patents, GestureTek has become a global leader in video gesture control, captivating audiences with over 5,000 installations in public spaces worldwide. Their technology has found its way into various consumer devices, captivating the imaginations of over 100 million users.

Vincent’s artistic journey began at the University of Waterloo in the early 1980s. There, he envisioned a world where computers could be controlled through full-body gestures, a concept that would revolutionize how we interact with technology.

Collaborating with Francis MacDougall, he co-invented video gesture control technology, creating the Gesture Xtreme Virtual World System. Vincent’s artistic influences as a dancer, musician, juggler, and visual artist converged with the burgeoning computer revolution, resulting in immersive virtual dreamscapes where users could explore their creative expressions.

Vincent’s performances as the “World’s First Virtual Reality Performer” have taken him to stages around the globe, where he seamlessly blends projection screens, interactive virtual worlds, and his artistry. He has pushed the boundaries of art and technology, mastering virtual instruments and captivating audiences with his dance and visual artistry. His art has transcended traditional boundaries, becoming a core part of GestureTek’s immersive technologies.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Vincent has been recognized with numerous awards, including accolades from Popular Science and the Canadian New Media Awards. His impact extends to promoting emerging technologies, where he has shared his insights as a keynote speaker at various multimedia, educational, and technology conferences.

Vincent’s commitment to community involvement, solar-powered technology events, and his role in producing citywide celebrations further underscore his profound influence in the multimedia industry. His work has left an indelible mark on the creative and technological landscape through his unique fusion of art and technology.