World Premiere

The leems boyste

The Leems Boyste

Directed by:

Daniel Blair




5 m




A physical computer seemingly creates passages from the past, this experience allows you to interact with the leems boyste and potentially open a portal to the distant past or future.

Director Bio:

Daniel Blair is an accomplished entrepreneur, software developer, and the founder/Chief Technology Officer of Bit Space Development Ltd. Specializing in developing innovative research projects across diverse sectors like construction, defense, aerospace, and mining, he has been recognized for his dedication to innovation and excellence. Over the past eight years, Blair has scaled Bit Space Development from a basement startup to a flourishing enterprise with over 70 staff members, including full-time employees, co-op students, and interns.

In addition to leading his company, Blair serves as the board chair for New Media Manitoba’s Interactive Digital Media sector council, where he fosters the growth of Manitoba’s digital media industry. He also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs through the North Forge entrepreneur program and sits on various advisory committees aimed at aligning technical education with industry requirements in Canada. Blair is deeply committed to advancing the technological landscape and nurturing talent within the industry.

Producer Bio:

Keram Malicki-Sanchez is editor in-chief of, an instructor in WebXR design at UCLA Extension and author of essays around spatial media for several books including the Handbook on the Global Impact of Immersive Media. He holds a certificate in Cinematography from UCLA extension and studied documentary filmmaking with Werner Herzog. He won Creator of the Year at the 2022 Poly Awards, was named one of the Top 100 Original Voices in XR in 2021, and contributed to the 2022 PEW Research report on the Metaverse in 2040.

The leems boyste