MindLand: Improvised autobiographical solo performance in VR

Directed by:

Naomi Smyth


United Kingdom



Minds can be strange places. I used to splurge the contents of mine on stage, with no planning. Now I’m doing it in VR. Care to join me?

MindLand brings the art of “Fooling” into a virtual space as a single performer (Naomi Smyth) shifts between an array of “Masks” (my own internal voices expressed through stylized physical performance) to create an improvised, participatory and autobiographical story with a virtual audience. Browser-based VR, viewable on headset or desktop browser.

Director Bio

Naomi Smyth

I’ve written, directed and performed improvised and immersive theatre for over 12 years. I’ve created shows for The Invisible Circus, Shangri La Glastonbury, Boomtown Festival, Shunt and VAULT. I’ve been a member of Beyond The Ridiculous, a company of solo improvisers who practice ‘Fool’ performance, since 2014. Since 2020 I’ve pivoted to VR, working with Lost Horizon in the UK and OnBoardXR and 5th Wall Forum internationally. The common thread is that my work is playfully responsive to the audience and the context. I’m now a PhD researcher at Bath Spa University and a member of the Expanded Performance research cohort, looking at how theatre artists are using technology and creative thinking to keep their work and relationship with the audience ‘live’.