Last Dance

Directed by:

Toshiaki Hanzaki





The human race has devoured itself in war, resulting in the destruction of our home, the Earth. Only an AI created by human wisdom was able to survive. The AI escaped into space and was given a single mission: the Regeneration of Mankind. It kept recreating the Earth and humanity over and over, hundreds of times. However, the cycle of human extinction did not stop – it only repeated itself every single time.

Just when it seemed history would only repeat forever, a woman danced alone right before the end of her life. The AI, interested in this woman, could not help but to land on Earth to ask her the reason for her Last Dance. The encounter between the AI and her would change the fate of the Earth.

Toshiaki Hanzaki
Director Bio

Toshiaki Hanzaki is a Tokyo-based director. He studied in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and took BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Moving Design (2005) and MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Design (2007). After graduating in 2007 from Tokyo National University of Fine art Art and Music, he became a freelance film director, designer and animator and stayed in London from 2011 to 2013.
He has worked on the production of commercials, video projects and music video in Japan, especially well known for a music video of one of the most popular Japanese POP band “Mr. Children”. His sophisticated and witty sensibility is evident throughout all his work.

Filmography :