Happy People

Hop Step Sing! Happy People

Directed by:

Hiroshi Chida





Happy People is a new music video of Hop Step Sing!, a Japanese VR idol group with 3 members: Niina Nijikawa, Shikiri Shiishiba, and Mikasa Minowa.

It is an interactive VR music video designed to deepen the relationship between VR idols and their fans and provide the ultimate fan interaction experience. Not only players can watch the idols’ lively performance, they can also become the hairstylist, photographer and live director, actively supporting the VR idols in virtual space.

Try to touch the hidden interaction items and the idols will talk to you!? In the end, you can get an autograph on the photo of your favorite character! In addition to Japanese, there are also Chinese and English interfaces and subtitles, as well as a karaoke function (Roman alphabet).

This is the ultimate form of idol entertainment and is the culmination of five years of work by the VR production team behind Hop Step Sing!

Director Bio

Hiroshi Chida 2001 Nippon Television Network Corporation: Mr. Digital TOKORO
The New York Festivals: Finalist Award
U.S. International Video & Film Festival: Gold Camera Award

2002 “POLYGON FAMILY” (Japan)
SIGGRAPH’02 Electronic Theater

Prix Ars Electronica04 Computer Animation Honorary Mention

2007 Nickelodeon “BONEHEADS”
SIGGRAPH 07 : Animation Theater
2007 Japan Media Arts Festival, Jury Recommended Title

2016 Disney “TSUM TSUM”
The 6th Satellite Broadcasting Association of Japan Original Program Awards 2016 Grand Prize in Animation Category

Happy People